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What is your vision for your business? At Amber Shani Intuitive Business Solutions, we use a unique combination of technical skill and well-developed intuition to bring your vision into reality. We work with individuals and businesses large and small across an array of industries. Our design expertise includes logos, business cards, flyers, books and product design, simple website design and social media design.


What We Do


Logo Design

Your logo is essential in building a solid, recognizable and unique brand for years to come. We take special care in designing logos based on the vision of our clients; we intuitively create a logo that will activate and captivate your audience. We provide both transparent PNG and non-transparent PNG files so you can use your logo wherever you want - from business cards to websites to books.

Product Design & Development

Our design team works collaboratively to give you an eye-catching design to attract new customers and clients. Need a workbook or product to go with your business? We can support you in building your ideas from concept to a finished, designed and formatted product. From print work to packaging, we deliver inspired and impactful work for your brand.


Business Cards • Flyers • Books, Workbooks and E-Books • Card Decks • Banners


Social Media Design

We support individuals and businesses in solidifying their brand and enhancing their presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram through beautiful design. 

Quotes & Images • Banners • Profile Pictures • Thumbnails • 


Our Work

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Virtual Assistant Support

Increase your productivity and ease the stress of a busy schedule with our virtual assistant support. Our assistants are trained to deliver comprehensive and detail-oriented support to help lighten your load. 

Support can include but is not limited to... 

• Compiling data into organized spreadsheets (receipts, business cards)
• Creating newsletters and managing mailing lists 

 Doing internet research 

• Transcribing voice memos, conference calls and more

• Creating and editing videos

• Formatting documents

• Social Media Support

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Who We Are

Over the past four years, Malane Shani and her personal assistant Amber have worked tirelessly on creating captivating and beautiful designs for Malane Shani Global. They combine technical skill with well-developed intuition to bring their visions into reality as logos, flyers and book designs. After their services were highly requested by friends, family and clients, they are now offering their skills as a service. Click the button below to book your free 20-minute design consultation now.  •  •

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